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Which hot water system

First Question- are you replacing existing hot water system due to age, leaking and just not working anymore, or are you installing a new system to a new build?

If you are replacing an existing hot water system, your existing hot water system will probably be one for 4 types. Which Hot water system is your?

  1. Electric
  2. Gas
  3. Solar
  4. Heat pump

Now replacing “like 4 like” is nearly always the cheapest install option, so if you pull out an old 250lt electric unit and replace with 250lt electric, the plumber old has to update to current standards and if hes a good plumber replace all the valves.

However if you want to change the “fuel type”  so now your pulling out the old electric hot water system and installing a Gas system, or Solar system, you also have to consider the additional cost of the extra plumbing, Gas and electrical changes, and may have to relocate the hot water system altogether and move outside. 

Now your options for hot water systems are unlimited are you don’t have to consider existing Plumbing, gas electrical as this can all be installed ‘roughin’ to your design, whether you chose electric, Gas or Solar. install outside or inside (if climate permits) ie in colder climates if freezing is possible during winter months you need to avoid installing any plumbing outside to prevent damage due to freezing and splitting the unit.  

which hot water system

So Which Hot water System Manufacture

if you looking at an Electric Hot Water System, then there are 2 manufactures Rheem, and Dux, and etc on has bought other companies ie Everhot, Vulcan, and Thermann is a Reece Plumbing Supplies own brand manufactured by Dux. All offer excellent warranties, and has similar  life expectancy. If you are looking a gas then again Thermann has an excellent, range as well as other manufactures. These like i prevusly mentioned are to complicated in the desigh, and i would recommed using a manufacture who has the there hot water units made, with in Australia or Japan and avoid ‘made in China’.

With regards to Heat pumps i will not recommend any manufactures over another, again they all make one… you just shouldn’t install one. If you wish to install environmentally friendly system, then you can go Solar, High Line there the pannel and Tank is mounted on the roof, and requires no power to run, using the using old the power of natural convection of cold water is heaver then hot water so pushed the hot water into the tank above the solar pannel. Split system or Low line systems have have only the pannelon the roof and the heavy tank on the floor. They use a small pump to tranfer the heated water on the roof panel down the the storage tank. 

The High line systems requre the a strong roof and both systems requre good line of sight to the sky, not covered in shadows for trees or neighbouring buidlings etc, in Australia the southern hemisfere we require a north facing roof. Apricus and Solarheart are both excelent at solar systems, but both Rheem and Thermann also have Great solar systems

My Recommendations Which Hot Water System

Simply what would i do:- 

  • Install an electric hot water storage.
  • Install PV solar electric panels on the roof to offset the running cost of hot water, but also other electrical equipment ie pool pumps.

Well i hope this has answered some of your questions. if you need further help Click Here

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